This Project was born of a need detected from the reflection on the discipline of history of art, our teaching practices (pedagogic models, methodological strategies, quality of the teaching resources, evaluation criteria and tools) the peculiar characteristics of the students of 2nd Batxillerat and 1st of University (needs, strengths, weaknesses, academic level), the scarce interdepartmental coordination, and the lack of dialogue and experiences exchange amongst the Secondary and University teachers


We offer a proposal of cooperative work that wants to help spread and appreciate history of art. We part from the reflection on the curricular contents, its determinants (volume, excess of data, rote features, timing, pressure from the Access to University Tests (PAU), absence of contextualization, complicated explanation of the dialectic nature of historical processes) and the real competences our students have in this transitional stage (they are both in Secondary school and at University in the same year) and we want to design mechanisms that allow shared assessments. This is the reason why we have built a collaborative working space (with continuity in time).where we offer tools and material updated with the new academic investigations, beyond clichés and errors, and beyond past and monolithic interpretations (if the materials from the most popular publishers are studied carefully it can be confirmed that almost none of the contents have been updated since the 80’s)

Our main goal is to make materials that allow to educate the insight and work on the understanding, in order to help the students go past the mere description and favour the reasoning and the connection.

With this in mind we have opened this working space between the faculty from both levels to make possible the critical analysis of our educational practices and facilitate the exchange of teaching strategies in order to overcome the isolation that both institutions maintain nowadays. We have began to develop the resources for medieval times and for the list of the works which have to be delved into for the “PAU”. Our intention is to continue with more works from other chronologies and beyond the list required for these tests.

The work group has an interdisciplinary nature and it is formed by Secondary education and University teachers (specialized in history, art, geography, literature, Latin, religion, design and English).

The dialogue between the different perspectives and ways of understanding the work of art is focused in setting the bases of an integrated and not fragmented .